Gun Safe Dehumidifier – The Reason You Need One

Condensation is a firearm’s deadly enemy!

It leads to rust and may leave your safe with an unpleasant, moldy smell that you simply cannot eliminate.

The dehumidifier’s objective is to make certain no moisture build-up or condensation forms within the gun safe and, most importantly, on the firearms stored within the safe.

A gun safe (as shown in the picture) is a sealed container and  does not permit for much air to circulate and this may cause moisture to build up inside of your gun safe.

Dependent on where your safe is situated and what your weather conditions are like,  moisture build-up or condensation can be even more of a problem in regions of high humidity, or as the  result of living in climates subjected to extreme difference in day to night temperatures.

Moisture can also be introduced  upon opening your safe to store your weapon after a day’s hunting in wet or wintry climate.

Where we found the best gun safe dehumidifiers at the LOWEST price

There are two main different kinds of gun safe dehumidifiers:

1) Desiccant type- which requires no electricity

2) Electric powered safe dehumidifier

Silica Gel

No electrical outlet near your gun safe?

Then you will need to go with the desiccant type gun safe dehumidifier (silica)

The desiccant type of dehumidifier will actually be your best choice when your safe is not close to an electrical outlet (other than running electrical extension cords).

A desiccant  essentially acts like a cloth or sponge that works to draw  moisture to it like a  magnet .

The desiccant (silica) will need to be dried periodically after it is saturated

There are a couple types of dehumidifiers that don’t require electricity.

One is the old fashioned and still very popular silica gel (seen in the picture above)

The silica gel desiccants must be dried out inside your oven periodically and you can reuse them again and again.


The second type is seen below. It is a wireless dehumidifier.

Wireless rechargeable Dehumidifier

This is our favorite dessicant dehumidifier

It has an “indicator window” that tells you when you need to DRY or renew the drying element – it is as easy as removing the unit from where it is absorbing moisture in your gun safe and plug it into a power outlet or power strip in a well ventilated area overnight and presto it is ready to use again – like new – ready to absorb more moisture.

This could be required every 2 to 6  months, depending on the manufacturer and environment within the safe.

We prefer the wireless gun safe dehumidifiers that are easier to use than the old fashioned silica dessicants and you don’t have to dry them out in your oven.

Check them out here These are the most popular dehumidifiers at a really low cost.


Do you have an electrical outlet near your gun safe?

You may want an electric dehumidifier

Goldenrod Dehumidifier

The electric powered dehumidifier is considered the most common dehumidifier. The electric dehumidifier is usually referred to as “Golden Rod” generates heat .

Its objective would be to maintain sufficient temperature to ensure that any moisture within the safe evaporates, therefore avoiding build-up of condensation. They vary in length but 18 inch is the most common size rod.

They could be attached on the bottom or wall of the safe. These devices are very easy to install. The power cord on these devices are detachable so you’re able to run it through small openings typically found pre-drilled on most safes.

Some electric powered dehumidifiers employ a bendable body that may be  shaped to better suit your safe and easily fit into corners. It really is a great choice for limited spaces.

I recommend having both types in your safe. Should the electricity fail, the desiccant dehumidifier will continue to provide the necessary protection for your firearms collection.

Hopefully you can now see the important of  gun safe dehumidifiers to protect and preserve your firearms for years to come.



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